10 Tips To Get Your car Ready For Winter

1. Check the brakes and tires. Inclement weather and road conditions require good stopping power. If your tires have wear bars showing, it's time to replace. 

2. Check the lights.  It's getting darker earlier, so walk around the outside of the car and check all lights. Any dull headlight lens can be polished for improved visibility.

3. Replace wiper blades. Check for cracked or worn blades.

​4. Make sure heater/ defroster work. Driving with an improperly working heater isn't fun or safe. Driving with fogged-up windows is an accident waiting to happen.

5. Have the battery checked. Colder weather can affect the battery, have it tested before it leaves you stranded.

6. Inspect under the hood.​ Look for leaks, cracks or loose clamps in the cooling system. Check belts and listen for any engine noise.

7. Change your oil. Also check the air filters.

8. Coolant flush. Always check your coolant level in the overflow tank when engine is cold.

9. Check all fluids. This includes washer fluid, along with transmission fluids, brake and power steering fluids.

10. get a good car wash. It may sound crazy, but when your vehicle is clean, it's easier to spot potential problems.

These are just a few tips recommended by Blair's Auto Care's Best Car Care Tips to have you prepared for your fall/ winter driving.

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