Blair's Auto Care's Best Winter Car Care Checklist

  1. Battery and Charging System We carry a fullline of Interstate Batteries. Also the condition of the terminals and cables are very important.
  2. Drive Belts Inspect belts for cracks or fraying. A broken belt can leave you stranded.
  3. Engine Hoses Visually inspect the cooling system hoses for leaks, cracks or loose clamps. Brittle or excessively spongy hoses need replaced.
  4. Tires and Tread If any tire has less than 3/32-inches of tread, it should be replaced. Uneven wear can indicate a suspension or wheel balance problem. Proper tire pressure is important, as the temperature drops so does the tire pressure.
  5. Coolant Levels Check the coolant level when the engine is cold.
  6. Heat and Defrost Heater system is extremely important in the winter months.
  7. Brakes ​Have brakes inspected by a CERTIFIED Technician to ensure all components are in the best working order.
  8. Wiper Blades Blades should completely clear the glass with each swipe.
  9. Emergency Road Kit Bag of abrasive material   ( cat litter, sand or salt). Snow shovel- Snow brush -Flashlight w/ extra batteries- Window washer solvent-Ice scraper-Jumper cables-Gloves hats and blankets-Flares or triangles-Drinking water- First aid kit.
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